Anon's Information

I wanted to share two messages that an Anon sent that I thought you would find interesting.  I have copied the Anon's message word for word and have no other information to add.

Message One - Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh was a Bush guy who was safe based on his history of sticking to the Constitution. This was calculated to pit the Clinton and Bush factions to oppose each other. Trump has not completely released all of the Kennedy assassination, but could do so in the future.

In sum, Trump could have a strategic motive for putting a Bush guy on the SC. That motive could explain the body language observation.

Message Two - Ford

Reportedly, Dr. Ford's father was in charge of paying off CIA assassins. The home mortgage was held by a CIA bank. This brings up the possibility that he was not expected to make the monthly payment. A low level employee noticed that payments were not being made and pursued foreclosure proceedings. That was not supposed to happen. Judge K (the mother) signed off on the withdrawal of the plaintiff's petition. Remember, that Dr. Ford's high school tuition was costly, yet they failed to pay the mortgage. 
In sum, it might be possible that there was no real threat of foreclosure. The proceedings was a consequence of a low level "mistake" by not being in on the scam.

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