Was the Murder of Whitey Bulger a Mueller Hit Job?

It is November 1, 2018.  We are five days away from the mid-term elections.  IPOT discusses the connection between Mob Hit Man Whitey Bulger, who was murdered in his jail cell, and Robert Mueller.  He references Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert's article Robert Muller: Unmasked.

Gohmert reveals Mueller's strategy to bleed the FBI of senior experienced agents by forcing supervisory agents to take desk jobs in Washington after 5 years of experience.  Mueller implemented this in 2007.  This plan allowed Mueller to fill the FBI ranks with younger agent's loyal to Mueller.  This explains how the FBI became so corrupted.

Enjoy the video!

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Mueller is definitely a corrupt individual.  However, it is still in question as to if he "flipped" on the Obamas and Clintons in order to save his own skin.  Time will tell.  I believe much will be revealed after the mid-term elections.  Q told us we are about to move in to the "Justice" phase of The Plan.  I am so ready for justice!  WWG1WGA!

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