Walk Away with Roseanne on Culture, Trump, Israel & Death of Roseanne Conner

It is September 27, 2018.  The Kavanaugh circus was today, and I am emotionally spent.  What a farce!  After a 3 day pause, Q is posting support of Kavanaugh tonight.  I have scouted for good videos all day for the Sept 27 update.  I thought this video was very appropriate.

Brandon Straka who started the Walk Away campaign interviews Roseanne.  They discuss how the Democratic party no longer supports working-class Americans.  Roseanne explains the goal of her new show was to encourage dialogue.  "There are families across America who voted for both candidates and disagree; but they don't try to destroy one another.  They find common ground and come back together to work to improve things." 

The Left discourages dialogue.  The killing of Roseanne's character by an opioid overdose is a clear message from ABC.  'Disagree with our politics and we will destroy you!'

Enjoy the video!

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The Walk Away campaign will be recorded in the history books.  It is brilliant in how it allows Democrats to express their disillusion in a way that everyone can relate.  It is personal, thoughtful, and hard to disparage.  

Roseanne has been a vocal Q supporter.  She has stood directly in the line of fire and taken the bullet.  I do not agree with all of her positions, but I respect them.  I respect her strength and courage in the face of adversity.  I think that she is a good bridge between the Left and the Right.  I look forward to what the future holds for her! 

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