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It is October 3, 2018.  The Presidential Alert Test went off today without any problems.  I have 2 excellent videos and a podcast for you today.  The first video is by Sir Patrick Mack who updates us on Q posts from October 2, 2018.    

STG Report interviews Mark Anthony Taylor who has single handedly taken on big banks to expose the corruption of the silver price manipulation.  In his fight against the elite bankers he has discovered connections between the bankers and global pedophilia rings.  This is a big piece of the global picture of corruption that Q has been showing us.  Click here to see that video.  

If you have not heard Kevin Shipp speak, you need to listen to this podcast.  Kevin is a former CIA agent turned whistle-blower.  Kevin speaks about how after he alerted his superiors that covert agents were vulnerable to having their identities discovered, he was targeted by his superiors.  The CIA attempted to poison him and his family, and then claimed "state secrets" to cover up their crimes.  

Shipp states that Mueller is a black hat and gives insider information about many crimes such as Uranium One, the rise of Obama, and the Clinton gun running scheme in Benghazi.  This is an information packed podcast!  Click here to hear Kevin Shipp. 

Enjoy the video!

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In preparation for social media censorship, I have created a resource page for citizen journalists.  I have listed the featured Citizen Journalists and Q commentators with their various links all on one page.  I will keep these updated.  So if your favorite journalist is censored, come to the DoUKnowQ.com Resources page to find where they have migrated.  If the journalist has new links that I have missed, please let me know.  I will add your updates!  Thank you! WWG1WGA! 

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