CIA Whistle Blower Exposes the Shadow Government and Deep State

Dan Duval interviews Kevin Shipp who is a former CIA agent turned whistle blower.  Kevin defines the difference between the Shadow Government and the Deep State.  Kevin tells how he was targeted by his superiors after he alerted them that covert agents were vulnerable to having their identities discovered.  In retaliation, his CIA superiors attempted to poison him and his family. They then claimed "state secrets" to cover up their crimes. It is a riveting story. 

Dan Duval asks Kevin if Mueller is a black hat or a white hat.  Shipp states that Mueller is a black hat.  He provides insider information about many crimes such as Uranium One, the rise of Obama, and the Clinton gun-running scheme in Benghazi.  This is an information packed podcast!   

Enjoy the Podcast!

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Dan uses the first 7 minutes for announcements.  Since the dates he announces have passed, you may want to skip ahead 7 minutes to hear the interview.

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