Sessions Subpoena

It is October 4, 2018.  Space Shot 76 provides today's narration of Q posts.  October is proving to be a busy month!  James Baker is testifying behind closed doors that Rosenstein and Comey coordinated to appoint Mueller!  Will Sessions finally be activated?

More information is coming out about Christine Ford.  Q posts Kevin Shipp's tweet.  Shipp is an expert in forensic psychophysiology  He states that Ford has been coached to lie.  Click here for the entire body language analysis of Ford's testimony by Body Language Ghost.

An anonymous contributor sent me this 2016 video to post.  Remember when Michael Moore inadvertently did a promo video for Trump?  Click here to view. 

Enjoy the video!

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In preparation for social media censorship, I have created a resource page for citizen journalists.  I have listed the featured Citizen Journalists and Q commentators with their various links all on one page.  I will keep these updated.  So if your favorite journalist is censored, come to the Resources page to find where they have migrated.  If the journalist has new links that I have missed, please let me know.  I will add your updates!  Thank you! WWG1WGA!

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