Social Media Exploiting Your Data

It is October 8, 2018.  Stroppy Me from Australia provides today's Q update.   Did Rod Rosenstein meet with President Trump aboard Air Force One today?  The public is becoming aware of things that Anon's knew weeks ago.  Q told us in September that the Democratic playbook for Midterms would be about impeaching Kavanaugh.  Q also told us that Soros uses American taxpayer dollars to fund Antifa and other left wing organizations!

Google hid user data breach from public so that Congress would not take action.  Q tells us that Google has a court order to preserve ALL data sent to Google.  Is Google conducting a Clinton "bleach bit" operation?  Stroppy Me shares interesting headlines.  He discusses FBI statistics on missing children in the USA, and gives hints as to what the NYPD found on the Weiner laptop. 

Enjoy the video!

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