Military Tribunals Coming for the Wicked

This is the first interview of Mark Taylor by Greg Hunter.  It was published on 9/04/2017.  In this interview, Mark discusses how he had a vision from God that Donald Trump was going to become President.  He discusses his prophecy that the Media will be exposed as propaganda outlets.  He believes that Hillary will go to jail, and predicts military style tribunals.  

Enjoy the video!

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When Taylor first spoke of Military Tribunals, many people scoffed.  Now it seems possible.  Mark's prophesies are of prosperity!  "Everybody thinks America is under judgment . . . but what about all the good things America has done.  There are 100 different countries out there that are way worse than America, and they are still on the map." 

"Ninety percent of the Gospel that has gone throughout the earth has come from America.  Where are all those seeds?  God is going to use Donald Trump to bring those seeds back, and part of that is going to be getting America out of debt."  

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