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-Donald Trump will become president.

-Dollar will be strongest in history and be the measure which all other currencies will be judged.

-America will stand hand and hand with Israel.

America, America

- America will be energy independent

-A gallon of gas will be one dollar or less.

-Supreme Court shall lose 3 Justices.

-El Chappo will be captured.

*Hillary & Bill Clinton will be exposed.

*Donald Trump will become President.

*Obama will be stripped of the title POTUS.

*Many Judges, Senators, Congressmen & Local and State Governments will be exposed for corruption.

*Five Supreme Court Justices will be appointed by Trump.

*Supreme Court will overturn Roe vs. Wade.

Shatter and Scatter

-The Illuminati and ISIS will be defeated

Operation Let My People Go

-A lightning strike and great wind shall topple the so-called great monument.  It cannot be mended.

Full Circle

-Russia and America will unite to defeat ISIS, the Elite Globalists, and Illuminati.

-The Gospel will go throughout the earth.

The Lost Art of War

-There will be judgement on the Church and Church leaders (Non-Catholic).

Energy, Energy

- America and Israel will be the top energy producers in the world.

- OPEC Nations wells will go dry and finances too, now will be fed from Red, White, and Blue.

Satan’s Frequency

-God will clean out the News Media and bring back truth.

-News outlets will go bankrupt.

Energy Now

- New Oil & Energy will be discovered.

- Russia and China’s economies will falter and they will not be considered a military superpower.

- The US National Debt will be dealt a death blow.

- New Energy is here now, and these discoveries will confound the wise.

All Roads Lead to Rome

-The Pope and Vatican will be exposed for corruption.

- Millions will walk away from the Catholic Church.

- An Archeological Find from an underground vault will ROCK the Christian world.

-The answer lies between Jerusalem and Vatican City.



Fulfilled 1-20-17

- Yet to be fulfilled.

- Ongoing 
US Opens Embassy in Jerusalem  

Fulfilled 2-05-2019

President Trump declared our Energy Independence at the State of the Union

An America First Energy Plan Future looking incredible for US oil production.

- Yet to be fulfilled.

- Trump has replaced 2  Supreme Court Justices  

Fulfilled 1-08-2016

How El Chapo Was Finally Captured, Again

- Ongoing

Fulfilled 1-20-17

President Trump Inaugurated 1/20/2017

- Yet to be fulfilled.

- Ongoing  House Republican Indicted for Campaign Finance Violations.

- Two of Five have been replaced.

- Not Yet Fulfilled

- Ongoing After the “Almost 100 Percent” Defeat of ISIS, What about its Ideology?

- Not Yet Fulfilled

- Ongoing

- Ongoing

- Not Yet Fulfilled

- Ongoing  Israel: The Coming Energy Superpower

- Not Yet Fulfilled

- Ongoing   CNN 2017 Revenue Down 53 Percent from 2016

- Not Yet Fulfilled

- Not Yet Fulfilled

- Not Yet Fulfilled

- Not Yet Known

- Ongoing   Vatican told Bishops to Cover-up Sex Abuse  
Catholic Church Covered Up Child Abuse by 300 US Priests

- Not Yet Fulfilled

- Not Yet Fulfilled

- Not Yet Fulfilled