More Trump Confirmations of Q

It is November 5, 2018.  Tomorrow is the big day!  President Trump is holding multiple rallies today.  He is signing Air Q's and pointing out VIPs.  Is disclosure imminent?  Lori reviews Q's posts up until 5:00 pm today.  

Enjoy the video!

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What an incredible time to be alive!  God is working through President Trump to restore our country and bring back justice to our land.  He is answering our prayers! Let's not stop!  Continue to pray and see this election to the end.  

It will be difficult to sleep tonight.  I feel the same anticipation as a child at Christmas.  I have no fear of the Democrats taking back the House.  I just can't wait to see by how much the Republicans win.  The bigger the margin, the greater mandate President Trump will have to prosecute the corruption and Make America Great Again!

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