More Trump Confirmations of Q

It is November 7, 2018.  The election is over.  Trump solidified his support in the Senate, but we lost the House.  However, POTUS quickly took control of the Media narrative.  He tamped down the Democratic crowing by announcing the immediate resignation of Jeff Sessions.  Now the Democrats who disparaged Jeff Sessions and accused him of colluding with Russians are upset that he is gone. 

Lori reviews tonight's Q posts.  Q thanks Trey Gowdy, Bob Goodlatte, and Jeff Sessions.  He states their sacrifices will never by forgotten.  Rumors are flying that Rod Rosenstein will soon be following AG Sessions out the door.  

Enjoy the video!

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What a day!  I awoke this morning with a heavy heart.  I was so sure the Lord was going to provide a red tsunami!  I was disappointed in my ability to discern his plan.  However, I realized that God never does anything the way man expects.  The Bible is full of stories of God conquering giants in unexpected ways.  He rarely shares his plans with us.  He expects faith and obedience.  Q was not the originator of "Trust the Plan."  It was God.  I still "Trust the Plan," because I trust God.

He is ever faithful.  My downcast countenance was soon lifted with the fast-moving events tonight.  The resignation of Jeff Sessions and the appointment of Matthew Whitaker to acting AG renewed my spirit and enthusiasm!  This is hard evidence that we are entering the justice phase of the plan.  

Thank you, Jeff Sessions.  You have exemplary character.  I cannot think of a better man in Washington.  It must have been very difficult having your character assassinated and not being able to defend yourself.  You truly have demonstrated great sacrifice for our country.  May God extend special blessings for you and your family.

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