Midterm Meltdown

It is November 10, 2018.  President Trump is heading to Paris to celebrate the ending of World War I.  Sir Patrick Mack reviews Q's last 6 posts from November 9, 2018.  Q states that "Voter ID Law will be death of D-party."  IPOT discusses the new ballots appearing in Broward County, Florida.  He also discusses the night club shooting at a bar called "Border Line."  Is the name a message?  

Enjoy the video!

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I do believe it is highly possible that these shooters are set up by the CIA.  I am not sure that the victims are crisis actors.  They may actually be victims.  It has been long known that sometimes people show inappropriate reactions such as smiling when delivering bad news.  Many of the students at the bar were from Pepperdine University which is a Christian school. I think the Deep State targeted Christians and conservative Americans by shooting on "Country Night."

It also may sound suspicious that these places have active shooter drills months prior to the shooting.  However, communities all over the nation have been pushed by FEMA to hold disaster planning meeting and drills.  Medicare requires all health facilities that bill Medicare to have disaster plans and participate in county and state drills.  It is becoming so common that it may not be a good correlation to connect these drills as evidence of Deep State planning. 

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