Preparing for Future Comms

It is November 15, 2018.  Q has not posted since November 13, 2018.  Praying Medic is no longer posting on You Tube. I found him on Vimeo.  Dave discusses Q's recent posts about upcoming censorship and the preparation for future communications.  He reviews the changes on the Patriot's Fight board.  On November 9th, Q changed the image on the board from a cannon to a gavel signaling a new phase.

Homeland Security now has the ability to monitor election security.  They must prepare a report within 45 days of the elections.  Keep hope alive!  Dave also provides his decode of what Q might mean with his "Placeholder" drops.

Enjoy the video!

Qanon Nov 13 - Preparing for Future Comms from Praying Medic on Vimeo.

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