Future Proves Past, 3:02, 53-47, Coincidence?

Today is November 16, 2018.  Q has not posted since November 13, 2018.   The Broward County recount found additional Republican votes.  However, Brenda Snipes missed the deadline by two minutes.  She didn't turn in the results until 3:02 pm denying the GOP the increased vote total.  Interesting how she chose the time 3:02 to submit the totals. Q dropped that number in his November 12th post.  Future proves past?

Marco Rubio states that he has proof of election fraud.  Lindsey Graham will become the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary committee, and an indictment against Julian Assange was "accidently" leaked to the public.  X 22 Report discusses these topics and more.

Enjoy the video!

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