Wildfires Exacerbated by Climate Engineering 

It is November 21, 2018.  Greg Hunter interviews Dane Wigington about the fires in California and the effects of Geoengineering.  Wigington states that massive wildfires are occurring around the world.  "The single greatest causal factor that has set the stage for these wildfires is climate engineering."

Right now, there is an official illegal federal gag order on all of the National Weather Service and NOAA. If all of the consequences of climate engineering were considered, it is mathematically the single greatest threat we collectively face short of nuclear cataclysm. If we don’t address these issues, it effects every breath we take and the entire web of life, we are on an extraordinary short time horizon. . . . Climate engineering is not about the greater good. It is about keeping business as usual and keeping power in the hands of people who already hold it.

Enjoy the video!

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Why does the Sierra Club never mention the aerosol spraying that is occurring all over our nation?  They are spraying heavy metals such as barium, aluminum, and strontium in our skies!  Yet these loud mouth environmentalists remain silent!!  Do your own research!  Go to geoengineeringwatch.org.  Mr. Wigington's website is packed with information that you might want to share with your "Climate change" friends.

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