D5 Panic in DC

It is November 21, 2018. Q posted last night!   Huber will be testifying on Capitol Hill [D]5, December 5th.  Nothing can stop what is coming (avalanche D5). This is a future proves past proof.  

Acting Attorney General Whitaker has apparently reigned in Robert Mueller to his original mandate.  Maggie Haberman of the NYT is using Twitter to send coded messages to her Deep State allies.  Q tells us her message was to 3 people in the FBI and 1 person in the DOJ.  Are they current or former employees? 

Mishel at Deception Bytes is our featured Q narrator today.  You may also be interested in Greg Hunter's interview with Dane Wigington with Geoengineeringwatch.org.  Dane Wigington states that world has been on fire, not just California.  The intense heat of the fires can be directly attributed to the stratospheric aerosol spraying that our government has been conducting.  Watch Greg Hunter's interview here.

Enjoy the video!

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It feels like the momentum is building again.  Anytime Q goes silent, big things are coming!  The media is discussing how Ivanka Trump used a private email account to send her White House schedule.  Democrats are promising to hold hearings about it.  I just wonder if this is not a set up by POTUS.  "These people are stupid." - Q.

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