Moves Are Not Telegraphed

Today is November 25, 2018.  Q just started dropping!   Q just told us that Whitaker has approved the release of some of the FISA documents.  However, Q is toying with the Deep State as to the timing of the release.  Should the documents be released prior to Comey and Lynch's testimonies, or after?  How might that change their testimonies knowing that the truth will come out?  To lie or not to lie?  That is their dilemma.

Tonight's update is by X 22 Report.  The statistics have been assessed and Obama's Common Core has been disaster for this country.  Our children are scoring worse compared to other countries after implementing Common Core. 

The Five Eyes are scrambling to stop the FISA declassification.  Former CIA chief Michael Hayden had a stroke. The Khashoggi event was manufactured by the intelligence groups of many countries to push their agenda, and their FF is now falling apart.

Enjoy the video!

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Q has continually said that they will not telegraph their moves.  POTUS never telegraphs his moves, and disinformation is necessary.  December should be an interesting month.  Q tells us to stay alert.  Trapped animals are dangerous. 

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