Where is Assange?

It is November 28, 2018.  Q has not posted since November 25, 2018.  I have two complementary videos today.  The first video is by In Pursuit of Truth.  Sir Mack reviews Q posts from December 25, 2017 which may have been referring to the extraction of Julian Assange.  Future proves past - Q.

He also discusses Melania's Christmas decorations.  She has a hall of red trees - Red Castle perhaps?  Her Christmas video highlights a soccer ball ornament.  Could this be a reference to the soccer ball President Putin passed to President Trump? 

Enjoy the video!

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Clintons Circle the Drain

The second video is by STG Report.  Sean reviews an article written by Corey's Digs.  The Arkansas Swamp Bleeds As Clintons Circle the Drain.

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