Locked and Loaded

It is November 29, 2018.  Q made two posts this morning.  One was a picture of a Christmas tree taken at the Hyatt Regency Chongqing China (Anon's are amazing!).  The other states that President Trump is locked and loaded. Lisa Mia Crowley noted that the hotel's initials are HRC and the Christmas tree is an Evergreen which was her Secret Service code name.

Stroppy Me provides an excellent video today.  He reviews recent tweets by POTUS, WikiLeaks, and Kim Dot Com.  He discusses articles such as Brenda Snipes walking away with 130 K pension, and Chuck Grassley calling for the declassification of documents that will prove that Brennan lied to Congress about spying on members of Congress and whistleblowers.

Enjoy the video!

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