A Picture is Worth Many Sentences

It is November 30, 2018.  Q is dropping like crazy right now.  Q just stated that Mueller will face charges regarding Uranium 1!  I have 3 good videos tonight.  Below is the video by Praying Medic.  He discusses Q's posts from yesterday.  He suggested that when Q stated, "A picture is worth many sentences."  It was a play on words.  Q was referring to President Trump's retweet of the meme showing the Clintons and the Obama Administration behind bars.  Very clever!

Enjoy the video!

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Sir Patrick Mack also reviews Q's posts from yesterday, but he highlights an important article about the DOJ busting a "sextortion ring" in South Carolina.  Apparently over 400 ranking members of our military have been blackmailed by unsolicited pornographic images sent to them.  This could have far reaching consequences.

In Pursuit of Truth - We Know 

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My final video is Greg Hunter's Weekly Wrap Up.  Even with the encouragement of Q, it is easy to become discouraged by the constant attacks on President Trump.  It's not just CNN.  Weasel/Fox news gives air time to people like Senator Warner and Adam Schiff to spread lies.  It's frustrating watching it! 

Greg Hunter believes that Trump must take out the Deep State to ensure his families survival, and Trump knows it.  Look what happened to the Kennedys.  If President Trump allows these criminals to remain unpunished, they will return.  And when they return, they will do everything in their power to destroy his family so they will not have to deal with another Trump in the future.  Trump will protect his family!  Trump will protect America!

Greg Hunter - Weekly News Wrap Up - 11-30-2018 

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