Deep State Stunts Delay - New Hearings Set

 It is December 5, 2018.  President Bush has been laid to rest today.  I have 2 videos to present.  The first video is by STG Report.  Sean discusses Q posts and provides hope that the truth will come out about 9-11.  Click here to watch his short video.

X 22 Reports that Senator Grassley wrote a letter to Blumenthal saying Glen Simpson lied in his Senate testimony.  Facebook has been caught using data without the user's consent.

Q warns that the Deep State might try another stunt to delay, but the next stunt will need to be larger to postpone the inevitable. Q and team countered the Deep State delay by releasing Flynn court documents.  Mueller recommended no jail time and revealed that Flynn has provided significant information for "multiple" investigations.  Boom! 

Enjoy the video!

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