What Do You Want for Christmas?

It is December 6, 2018.  Sir Patrick Mac reviews Q posts from yesterday.  He shows interesting footage from the funeral of President Bush.  There were powerful undercurrents visible between America's first families.  Hillary looked tipsy.  She was not discreet with a note hidden in her program.  Jimmy Carter looked for his note, but he didn't receive one.  Laura Bush looked completely shaken when she read her secret note and showed it to Jeb Bush standing behind her.  

Enjoy the video!

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I have always liked the Bush family.  Who could say anything negative about Laura Bush?  I voted for Dubya twice.  It was just in the last few years watching videos about 9-11 when I realized that the President Bush must have been complicit.  I still don't want to believe it. I've spent years watching their family grow and praying for them.  I have never seen Laura Bush shaken like I witnessed in that video.  It makes me sick in my heart.  I am still praying for the Bush family.  

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