Enough Evidence to Prosecute

It is December 8, 2018.  The Q proofs keep getting more obvious.  Q tells us that Air Force One is using Q 0 call sign when traveling.  POTUS is daring the media to ask the question!  Q links Allyson Mack with the Clinton Foundation.  It looks like Huber's investigation is complete!  Now they have to prepare the public before making arrests.

Enjoy the video!

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Many of the Q commentators are being demonetized.  I listened to Bernie at Truth and Art TV today and he is also being targeted.  When You Tube demonetizes videos, new videos do not come up in your feed.  This decreases the Q commentator's exposure and your chance of watching their video.  Bernie is now selling T-shirts, and many are including ads in the content of the video to combat You Tube.  

Go look for your favorite Q commentators.  Also check the "like" button each time you watch their video.  It helps them out!  WWG1WGA! 

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