Clinton Charity Not A Charity?

It is December 14, 2018.  Q has not posted since December 12th.  Greg Hunter is our featured commentator today because he does a great job summarizing yesterday's Congressional testimonies.  

One of the many big bombs dropped was the fact that the original Clinton Foundation charity was only for the Clinton Library.  The original function of that charity was never modified as required by law to remain a charity. So, it appears the “Clinton Global Initiative,” and everything else that was not library related, are not charities.  They never did the proper filings to become a charity. There were also allegations of “pay to play” by foreign governments like Russia, and we also found out there was an ongoing FBI investigation into the Clintons and their “charity.” 

Enjoy the video!

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Greg has many guests that discuss the financial aspects of the country.  All are warning that we are on a course for financial collapse.  I wish Greg would interview Sundance from the Conservative Treehouse.  Sundance believes that Wall Street and Main Street have become completely disconnected, and Main Street can thrive even if Wall Street fails.  Look at the Christmas spending.  American consumers have a lot of confidence in the economy.  That is because Trump's policies are putting more money in their pockets.  

Here are links to two great articles by Sundance.  The first is explains Trump's paradigm shift.  A Generation of Political Re-education: Wall Street vs Main Street. The second article discusses the interaction between the two.  The Predictable MAGAnomic Policy Interacting Amid: Wall Street vs Main Street.

 If these articles interested you, go to The Conservative Treehouse website and type in Wall Street vs Main Street in the search.  There are several more articles that you will want to read. 

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