Getting Ready for the Storm?

It is December 18, 2018. Q has not posted.  Today, General Flynn's sentencing was delayed another 90 days.  Judge Sullivan asked several times if General Flynn wanted to withdraw his guilty plea in light of the FBI corruption.  General Flynn said "No".  Judge Sullivan basically called General Flynn a traitor for working as NSA Director and being an "unregistered agent of a foreign government."  Sullivan later apologized, but the MSM jumped on the story of Flynn the traitor.

I'm just sick and discouraged.  I expected Judge Sullivan to disparage Mueller, not General Flynn!  But that is what happens when you set high expectations.  We must manage our expectations.  I saw this video a few days ago and found it encouraging.  Lance Wallnau has prophesized about Donald Trump.  He discusses President Trump's lack of reciting the Apostles' Creed during President Bush's funeral.  He also gives a historical perspective on political games in the time of Paul.

Enjoy the video!

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