Trump Effect - "Poor Me"

It is December 29, 2018.  Q has not posted in 7 days.  And We Know is creating videos from Serial Brain 2 articles.  SB2 discusses how the Maestro (POTUS) froze the negotiations with Dems who now have to pass the ever-moving hurdle of government shutdown before they can get to enjoy majority change. Proof everything is under control: he trolls them by tweeting about being in the White House waiting for them while in reality he's getting ready to fly to Iraq with FLOTUS. Hahaha!

When the Deep State & Co realized they were played, they needed to make a move to get Trump to negotiate. Hence the Christmas Eve Stock Market plunge and Trump informing us what it’s really about through his “poor me” tweet.  Listen to the video to hear more of SB2's analysis.

Enjoy the video!

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