Trump, Q, And The Beauty of D5

It is December 31, 2018.  Q has not posted in 9 days.  This may be my favorite SB2 article yet.  SB2 explains how Q advertised D5 to set up the Deep State to expend its ammunition, and how Comey's tweet about "Benji" told the actual day that George H. W. Bush died.

Enjoy the video!

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Happy New Year!  Q told us the 2018 would be glorious!  If you look at all that has transpired, 2018 has been incredible!  We are all disappointed that we have not seen Deep State criminals arrested because Q keeps hinting that arrests are coming soon.  However, this may be another ploy to keep the criminals on edge.  Can you imagine having to live with the expectation that the shoe is going to drop any minute?  By the time the arrests come, the criminals may be so mentally exhausted they may welcome the end!

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