Happy New Year!  It is January 1, 2018.  Q has not posted since December 22, 2018.  JustInformed Talk has produced a video of Dan Bongino speaking about how the Obama Administration spied on the Trump Campaign, and then tried to justify the spying with the Steele Dossier.  When President Trump won the White House, Mueller was called in to cover up the Obama Administration's corruption and get rid of President Trump.  Bongino ties it all together.

Dan Bongino is a great speaker!  He will hold your attention from the beginning to the end of the video.  I haven't covered him as much because he is mainstream, but I will start adding his videos to the Q topics page.  He has a podcast and website you may want to check out at

Enjoy the video!
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Q always says, "These people are stupid."  I disagree.  They appear very cunning.  They may have become sloppy, but they didn't amass this much power over our government by being stupid.

Q asks, "How do you catch a dangerous animal?"  You catch a dangerous animal with a trap.  I hope his trap is the size a gigantic pit that catches every last one of these dangerous and corrupt animals!

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