Trump Sent Message to [DS] and Anons

It is January 4, 2019.  Q has not posted since December 22, 2018.  X 22 Report covers today's news.  More information is coming out that exonerates General Flynn.  The Nobel Peace committee regrets giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Obama.  No kidding?  They took a coveted award and made it meaningless!  

Dave discusses President Trump's cabinet meeting in which a movie poster in the likeness of the Game of Thrones was prominently displayed.  If you haven't seen the movie, Dave provides an outline and relates it to the message that President Trump was sending.     

Enjoy the video!

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Dave suggests that November 4 would be a significant date.  I'm not sure if that was the message that President Trump was trying to convey.  I will be watching for a SB2 post to give another perspective of what November 4 might signify. 

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