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It is January 8, 2019.  Q has not posted today.  President Trump addressed the nation tonight outlining the threats to our country and the need for the border wall.  The Democrats provided a rebuttal video much like they would do after the State of the Union speech.  Nancy Pelosi, who usually dresses in bright colors, wore a mauve washed out suit.  I wonder what message she was trying to convey.

Today we have two featured videos.  One is a short video (8 minutes) by Dave Janda who relates breaking news.  Apparently, President Trump prevented an assassination plot to target 8 foreign leaders.  Click here to watch Dave Janda's video.  Praying Medic is our other featured video for the day.  His video is lengthy, but thorough.  If you prefer to read his twitter thread you can access it here.

Enjoy the video!

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