[DS] Sends Coded Message

It is January 17, 2018.  Q has not posted.  Dave discusses today's news.  President Trump canceled Nancy Pelosi's oversees trip as she and other Democrats boarded the bus to take them to the tarmac.  Trump told her it would be inappropriate to take this excursion while the government was shut down, but that she was welcome to fly commercial!  Since the shutdown, she has been to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and not Brussels, Egypt or Afghanistan.

Testimony from Bruce Ohr proves that Adam Schiff lied and misled the public about the Russia investigation.  Dave connects a previous Q post to AG Nominee Barr.  Did Q know about Barr a year ago?  Maggie Haberman just sent out another coded message about RBG.  Looks like a new SCOTUS will be coming soon!

Enjoy the video!

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