Economic Security Is National Security

It is January 20, 2018.  Q has not posted.  “Economic Security is National Security” - Donald Trump, 1991.  In the past several decades, globalists have been siphoning off America’s strength and wealth to other countries.  We were losing our ability to supply critical industries for our nation’s defense such as manufacturing, steel, high tech, chip fabrication, etc.  This put the United States in a vulnerable position.  We must be able to feed ourselves, provide our own energy, and manufacture what we need.  Otherwise we could be extorted, and not be able to purchase the things we need or be forced to sell something we don’t want to sell. 

President Trump has been pushing hard to quickly get our resources back so we will be in the strongest position possible when the global reset occurs.  Bob Kudla discusses Trump’s strategy to restore our national sovereignty. 

Enjoy the video!

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