The History of the Federal Reserve

It is January 19, 2019. Q has not posted since January 13, 2019.  X22 Report and many others are calling for the end of the “Fed”, but what is the Federal Reserve System?  The Corbett Report explains the origins of the Federal Reserve. It details how the Fed creates money out of thin air, loans the fake money to our government, and charges interest on the loan. 

The Fed has stabilized the banking system, and it cannot be ended without a system to replace it. The final minutes of the video discuss the challenges and options to replace the Fed.

Enjoy the video!

This is a straight forward video about the Federal Reserve which will help you understand the Fed and how it applies to our lives today.  There are other videos detailing the intrigue and duplicity of America's founding financiers.  Some have speculated that the sinking of the Titanic was not an accident and is directly tied to the origination of the Federal Reserve System.  I will present those videos at a later date.

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