The Reason Trump Tweeted 'Hamberders'

It is January 22, 2019.  Q has not posted since January 13, 2019.  As We Know produced today's featured video from an article by Serial Brain 2.  The article explains why President Trump tweeted 'Hamberders.'  If you would like a summary of SB2's conclusions, please scroll below the video.

Enjoy the video!

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In summary, SB2 breaks Trump's tweets into three parts, Pedophilia, The Wall, and Blackmail.  Hambergers was a reference to Obama's Hot Dog party where he spent 65K of USD of taxpayer money on hot dogs and pizza flown in from Chicago!  Hot dogs and pizza are code words used by pedophiles.  So, by tweeting 'hambergers,' Trump was trolling the Deep State about his knowledge of their pedophilia.

The Wall is more than just protecting the US from illegal immigrants coming in and abusing our resources. It protects the US in the event of war.  What if a war was actually planned, and there was a plan to invade the USA through our Southern Border?  

The third component relates to blackmail and John Brennan, an Islam convert.  In March of 2008, Brennan gained access to Obama's passport information and used that information to blackmail Obama.  Brennan soon joined Obama's campaign team, and then spectacularly rose to the level of CIA Director.  His company, The Analysis Corporation (TAC), revenues increased in one year from 40M to 150M in 2009.  

SB2 further decodes that this was a part of the 16 year plan to destroy America.  Rogue elements in our intelligence agencies, through pedophilia and blackmail, had full control over our politicians and were in position to further their plan to destroy America by invading us.  Q 570  THEY NEVER THOUGHT SHE WOULD LOSE!

These tweets by Trump allow us to see the gamesmanship of President Trump to the Deep State.  Trump is using their games and codes to troll them and let them know he is coming for them.

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