Murder, Snowden, and Secure Drop

It is January 31, 2019.  Q has not posted.  Below is an incredible thread by White Squall8 on Twitter that illuminates the treachery of Edward Snowden and the CIA.  Snowden was a CIA operative deployed to take down the NSA.  He infiltrated John Perry Barlow's Secure Drop which became the vehicle for the CIA to deliver 4 am talking points to the Mainstream Media.  John Perry Barlow and the other founders of Freedom of the Press Foundation were all murdered [187] during this CIA operation.  

For those of you that have been following Q for a while, you may remember the Q drops about John Perry Barlow as this operation was happening.  I do!  This thread brought it all together for me.  We were witnessing an operation in real time.  John Perry Barlow died as a result of the Clowns covering their tracks.  Now I understand why Snowden is a liability (to the CIA).  This is not a game!   

Please scroll down to read the thread by White Squall 8.  At the bottom of the thread is a link to White Squall. (He is hard to find on Twitter), and a link to another Snowden related thread by Paul Serran.

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Is Snowden Snow White?  This is an interesting thread by Paul Serran that provides a different perspective about Edward Snowden.  I am not sure if Snowden is Snow White.  Snow White may have been referencing one of the seven spy satellites used by the Deep State.  Even if he is mistaken about the reference to Snow White, it is still a valuable read. 

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