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This page attempts to organize Q posts by topic and create a big picture.  All of the hyperlinks below the SUMMARY lead to Q posts about the topic.  

Q Anon is a military operation.  By asking questions, Q is informing the public about the corruption of our government, who the bad actors are, and their methods of corruption.  Not only is Q communicating to the public, he is also communicating with other members of his team, and America’s enemies.  All eyes are on the Q board.  Q knows the black hats are watching, so he is also talking to them.  

Just by reading about Q, you have become a part of the military operation.  This is an information war.  Q is trying to expose the Deep State, and the Deep State is working to prevent exposure.  The black hats are afraid of being exposed.  The more people who become awakened, the more fearful the Deep State becomes, and it causes them to react.  

The amount of your involvement in this active military operation is up to you.  Just by reading this and researching Q, you have become a part of history.   Here is what we have learned from Q Anon.


The big picture
 is that the World has been quietly ruled by generational families.  They own 90 percent of the World’s wealth.  They use that wealth for power and to create more wealth. These families have intermarried and control top echelons in our government, businesses, education systems, culture centers (Hollywood and Music Industry), and religious institutions.  They are entrenched.  Their reach is enormous.  They control intelligence agencies (CIA), the Mainstream Media, and Social Networking platforms like Facebook, You Tube, and Twitter.  It is a huge spider web.  Everything connects.  Sound like a 'conspiracy'? Please do your own research.  Q does not tell you what to 'think', but where to look.  This page is an effort to organize the information Q has provided by topic so that you will gain an overall perspective.  

Three groups control the world because they control the wealth of the world.  They are a three-sided pyramid.

+ George Soros
++ Rothschilds
+++ Saudi Arabia

However, they do not have complete control.  One thing stands in the way of complete global domination by the New World Order.  It is the United States of America and the Constitution.  The United States was formed as a Republic and was dedicated as One Nation Under God.  God has blessed our nation with wealth and military might.  The primary goal of the globalists has been to weaken and control the USA.

Globalist Plan to Destroy America:

Strip Away and Control Our Wealth

1.  Systematically Weaken Our Country
America is the largest economy in the world.  We should be able to negotiate trade deals from a position of strength, not weakness.  For decades, politicians from both parties have sold us out by negotiating bad trade deals and weakening our economy.

2.  Creation of the Federal Reserve

           The Federal Reserve is a privately-owned bank that controls the monetary policy of the United States.  It causes inflation which is a sneaky way to transfer money from the common man back to the globalists.  The Fed was created in secret and sold to the public as a way to thwart big banks.   

3.  Destroy our Military Might

         Halting Space Programs. Space is the future.  Communication satellites and weapons systems all are space-based now.  Why would the Obama Administration halt the Space Shuttle program and privatize space exploration by funding a private company such as SpaceX?  Our taxpayer dollars are paid (transferred) to private companies such as Halliburton, DynCorp, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing.  We pay these companies huge sums of money to research and develop our technology, and they get to own the products that we pay to create.  Put simply, private companies get the assets while the American taxpayer pays the bill.  These contractors can then sell technology paid by American citizens to our enemies.  Also, private companies are not subject to Congressional oversight.  This makes it difficult to investigate if research projects are ethical.

      Selling our Military SecretsDiane Feinstein, who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee, employed a Chinese Spy as her driver for over 20 years.  Hillary Clinton had an unsecured server that could easily be hacked by foreign intelligence agencies.  She had Special Access Programs (SAP) on that server for which she as Secretary of State did not have a "need-to-know."  In return, she received billions of dollars donated to the Clinton Foundation (CF).  

 4. Global Climate Hoax

      Yes, the world must protect the environment from pollution.  However, the Global Warming scare is a huge grift!  It is a way to transfer massive wealth from America to other counties.  The Paris Accord would have cost the USA jobs and increased taxes (carbon tax).  It also gave away our national sovereignty.  Remember when Al Gore said 20 years ago that all the Ice Caps would be gone in 20 years?  His net worth increased from $1.7 million when he ran for President in 2000 to more than $200 million by pushing his climate change agenda.  Now since the earth is cooling, they are changing their mantra to "Climate Change."

5.  Eliminating Our Manufacturing Abilities

   America was once a nation that produced goods and exported to other countries.  For decades our manufacturing abilities have shrunk.  Our jobs have been exported to other countries where labor was cheaper.  Government regulations and taxes made it difficult to compete with other countries.  Once vibrant cities like Detroit died and became crime ridden.  If war came or an EMP strike occurred, we would not be able to recover quickly without a vibrant steel industry or other manufacturing capabilities.

6. Eliminate Our Energy Resources 

      Hillary was caught on video stating that she wanted the coal mines closed down.  Coal is a source of energy used to make electricity.  By closing coal mines, jobs were lost, towns were decimated, and people had to pay more for energy.  See the wealth transfer?  Until President Trump, ANWAR was closed to exploration.  The Keystone Pipeline was not approved.  Massive government regulation and bureaucracy prevented new refineries from being built.  The US could have been energy independent for decades.  Instead, the government hobbled our energy industry and transferred much of our wealth to the Middle East.

Control Our Leaders

The Framers of our Constitution designed rotational power shifts.  Presidents are elected every 4 years, Senators every 6 years, and Representatives every 2 years.  The Globalists needed to find a way to control our leaders.  They use the following methods.

1.  Breed Leaders

      Most of our leaders come from wealthy families.  The wives do not take the husband's last name so it is harder for the public to make the connections. 

2. Control the Media

       Our media is nothing but a propaganda tool for the Deep State Globalists.  Ninety percent of our traditional media sources are owned and controlled by 6 companies.  Even Fox News is controlled opposition.  There are no 'independent' legacy media companies.  That is why the Citizen Journalists are such a threat to the establishment Main Stream Media.  Only the new media is truly independent.  (Please consider supporting these people.) 

The purpose of the media is to control the narrative.  They sway public opinion in attempt to elect 'chosen' leaders or destroy careers of those viewed as a threat.   Q told us the Media gets its talking points from the CIA at 4 am.  This is why you hear so many "different" media outlets use the same talking points.  It is designed so people will think that if all the channels are reporting the same talking points, they must be true.  They use repetition to ingrain their narrative.

3.  Blackmail or Bribe Leaders 

      The Deep State uses the intelligence agencies to spy on leadership.  John Brennan lied before Congress and said the CIA was not spying on American Citizens.  That was false.  The Obama Administration used Gestapo like tactics to spy on President Trump.  When it did not find illegal activity by President Trump, it created false narratives and fed them to a complicit Media designed to destroy President Trump's Presidency.  

Politicians are bribed or blackmailed with pedophilia and other crimes.  They may try to protect family members.  Did you ever wonder why Justice Roberts rewrote the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care) so that he could make it constitutional by calling it a tax?  Even when Obama said it wasn't a tax?  Was he blackmailed?  Was it a coincidence that it was Justice Roberts who appointed the FISA court judges who allowed the spying on the Trump campaign?  Justice Robert's character changed once President Obama was elected. 

Did you know that it costs money for Congressmen and Senators to sit on committees?  Each party charges "assessments" for committee assignments.  Committee assignments cost more that the Congressman or Senator's annual salary.  So, if our Representatives want to sit on committees, they are beholden to someone to pay their assessment fees.  Ripe opportunity to influence our politicians?    

Leaders are also held hostage by threat of war.  Nuclear capabilities were given by the Deep State to countries such as North Korea and Iran as a way to keep World Leaders In line.  No one wants nuclear war. 

Control the Population

       As a group, citizens have power by voting.  We control who our elected officials are.  That is why our election integrity is so crucial.  Each fraudulent vote diminishes the strength of our individual votes.  Here are some methods used to control the population.

1. Keep Us Divided  

       They try to divide us by race, political affiliation, socio-economic status, religion or lack thereof.  The media keeps pushing narratives to divides us.  They tell us people are racists, bigoted, misogynistic, etc.  

2.  Keep Us Poor

        As high paying jobs are shifted out of the country, more people are on government programs.  Government programs incentivize women not to have husbands.  Women receive more government assistance if not married.  Children from single family homes have fewer economic opportunities.

3.  Keep Us Sick

      Have you noticed there has not been a cure for any disease since the Polio vaccine?  The rate of Autism is increasing rapidly.  Families with autistic children lose wealth and productivity caring for their children.  Doctors push pharmaceuticals for every condition.  Drugs often create more injury that they help.  Pharmaceutical companies get rich and people become poorer. 

Why does the FDA raid and stop doctors from holistic medicine?  How many holistic doctors have died in under suspicious circumstances?   

4.  Disrupt By Mass Migration

      Mass migration has huge costs to the host country.  In the USA, immigrants cost taxpayers' money to provide housing, education, and jobs.  Democrats encourage illegals to vote in our elections.  Talk about foreign election interference!  Mass migration also makes it easier for bad actors to enter our country undetected which is why the Wall is so important.

5.  Take Away our Guns

      Every time there is a mass shooting.  Democrats use the opportunity to pass gun control legislation.  It is interesting that every one of the shooters have a history of mental illness and have therapists.  So, what is the direct link guns, or therapists?  Q states that most mass casualty shootings are false flags and related to the MK-Ultra program.

Coup Attempt Against President Trump

If you are not aware, there is an ongoing coup to remove President Trump from office.  The Obama Administration spied on President Trump (and others) in order to find negative information which would prevent him from taking office.  Trump was an outsider who would put a wrench in the whole system.  They needed Hillary to win at all costs to cover their crimes.  The murder of Seth Rich is a dark example of the lengths to which they would go.  Now that Trump is in office, they are trying to take him out politically or by assassination.


Trust the Plan 

Now that you understand the methods of the Enemy.  Here is the Plan of the Q team to defeat our enemy that has been revealed to us thus far.  Take down each side of the pyramid.  Q has told us that the Saudi Arabia side of the pyramid is no longer under the control of the Deep State Globalists.  Saudi Arabia was a conduit for child trafficking, money laundering, and political influence.  The Rothschild and George Soros sides of the pyramid are currently being weakened.  The Rothschilds represent banking and the global wealthy families.  George Soros is a wealthy billionaire whose goal is to cause political chaos by creating mass migration to destabilize countries around the world.  "Out of chaos comes order."  They create the chaos as a way to attain power.  Then they offer the solution, which increases their power and control, to the chaos that they created.

Q has given us a road map of the order that the Deep State will be taken down in their respective rogue countries. 

This is what I have linked so far.  Q has given us an enormous amount of information.  I am trying to add to the Big Picture daily.  If you see something in a Q post that intrigues you, consider going to the Q Updates tab.  If the Q post is dated after May 1, 2018, there will be a video that discusses the content of Q's post on the following date of the post.   

Call to Action

For those who are frustrated about the lack of arrests and justice, you can do your part!  These arrests cannot take place until the population has become "awakened" to the mass corruption, and realize that they have been fooled and manipulated into believing a false narrative.  That is the delay.  The White Hats are giving us time to spread the message.  We are an "Army of Digital Soldiers," to quote General Michael Flynn.  The quicker and more effective we are at spreading the message to our neighbors, family, friends, co-workers, etc., the faster the arrests can occur.  We keep asking what is President Trump waiting for????  He is waiting for us to do our part!!!

Spread the Message to those who do not know about Q.  Don't talk just within our community.  If you need to remain anonymous, quietly put up flyers in public places (legally).  You can download and print free flyers from this website or make your own.  Share the links to your favorite Q Anon content creators. 

Follow Q's lead.  Start by asking people questions.  Let them find their own answers.   If every Q Patriot spread the message to at least one new person a week, the momentum would become enormous.  This is your call to action!  Where We Go One, We Go All! 

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