Saudi Arabia                              

Saudi Arabia (SA) is the first side of the globalist pyramid to fall.  It was the primary pipeline for money and child trafficking.  It also was a safe harbor for the Deep State operatives working directly against the US and POTUS.  Jared Kushner (JK) flew to Saudi Arabia (SA) and shared information prior to the take down of SA.  Q shared JK's role as a 'Q Proof.'  Q told us about JK's trip well before it was publicly known.  



The topic of Saudi Arabia has many different components.  The below Q post addresses many things.  Here is a summary of the following post.  The Muslim Brotherhood faction in Saudi Arabia bought access to the United States by bribing our politicians.  Huma Abedin was Hillary Clinton's (HRC) connection to the Muslim Brotherhood and Saudi Arabia.  HRC sold access to our enemies through her unsecured server, but also by allowing Pakistani Imran Awan access to Democratic Congressional servers.  When she lost the 2016 election, she had to repay funds.  This was done when Barack Obama (BO) secretly sent 5 planeloads of cash to Iran instead of using a wire transfer.  Cash cannot be tracked and can be used to bribe global politicians to look the other way.

ISIS was funded by the US government through Saudi Arabia and Iran.  The Deep State component of our government also funded North Korea through Iran.  

The next Q post emphasizes the Huma connection to Barack Obama.  It also tells us that BO's rise to the presidency was planned and funded by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed who also owns major shares in our media companies.


Here is the link to the article Q referenced.  Iranian Valerie Jarrett was BO's handler and connected him with Michelle Robinson Obama.  Valerie Jarrett supports the Muslim Brotherhood.  If you would like more information about Obama's background, click here.

Q Post 117 ties Obama with Huma and also connects Prince Al-Waleed to Bush Jr/Sr and 9-11.


The next Q post ties Saudi Arabia to 9-11, Bin Laden, and Saudi Arabia's role as a broker in underage sex trafficking.  Facebook (FB) and Instagram and the Podesta Groups are also mentioned in conjunction with sex trafficking.

Prince Al-Waleed owns controlling interests in the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Social Networking Platforms.  The Deep State uses the MSM to push propaganda to influence public opinion. (Talk about influencing elections!)  The Deep State and CIA call their propaganda project 'Operation Mockingbird'.  Anderson Cooper was trained as a CIA agent.  He is from one of the wealth generational families.  His mother is Gloria Vanderbilt.  He is a prominent news anchor on CNN.



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