Divide Us By Race                              

The following is a compilation of Q posts.  The entire Q post is valuable, but I have highlighted the parts of the Q drop relevant to the topic to make it easier to follow.

Below are Q posts in which Q shows how they keep us divided by race, class, party, etc.  



Here is the most recent example of an attempt to divide us by race.  Jussie Smollett, who is friends with Democratic politicians, manufactured a story that two white men wearing MAGA hats poured bleach on him and attempted to lynch him.  Police tracked down the evidence and found that Smollett paid two Nigerian coworkers to contrive the attack.  The Main Stream Media fanned the flames by interviewing him. This was another Democratic hit job trying to divide us by race.  

Here is a great thread by Andy Ngo where he lists 17 incidences where individuals have falsely accused Trump supporters of hate crimes.  The accusers are the ones promulgating hate with the help of the Main Stream Media.

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