Al Gore's Climate Hoax

After losing his bid for the 2000 Presidential Election, Al Gore net worth increased from $1.7 million to over $ 200 million by pushing climate change hysteria, which is another way to tax the poor.  The globalists pretend to worry about an increasing carbon footprint, yet they own multiple mansions and fly private jets to their conferences.  The hypocrisy is astounding.  Because they are rich, they can afford to pay the increased cost of electricity, goods, and services that their carbon tax schemes create.  It is another wealth transfer from the poor to the rich.  Below are links to articles that make my point. Do your own search, you will be outraged at the profiteering.

Forbes: Blood and Gore: Making a Killing on Anti-Carbon Investment Hype

Five Ways We Know Al Gore's Been Running A Global Warming Racket 

Bombshell: Leaked Docs Show How Much Money Soros Paid Al Gore to Push Global Warming Propaganda

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