Big Picture Per Q                              

Q gave us a brief outline of the Big Picture in his earliest Q drops.  Here is a drop from November 11, 2017.  I have highlighted the relevant part of his post to this topic.

The wealthy families control the Deep State players from the shadows.  The Deep State players whose names will be familiar include the Obama Administration and high-profile Republicans like John McCain (No Name). 

The Deep State [DS] never thought Hillary would lose so they were not careful covering their tracks.  They didn't think it was needed because they had infiltrated the Mainstream Media (MSM) to control the narrative and label any whistleblowers as 'crazy conspiracists."  They installed insiders in the highest posts in the government and throughout the ranks.  They blackmailed anyone who wasn't a 'team player.'  

The following Q Posts describe the influence of the New World Order on our country and the Q team's mission to stop it.




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This is a 10 minute video about the current corruption in the world; the plan to overcome it, and restore America.  Q is part of that plan.