Family Connections                              

Q has told us to Follow the Wives, and Follow the Husbands.  The following Q posts expose how the Deep State uses family connections.

Q asks, "How do you infiltrate the MSM?" and posts an older tweet showing the incestuous connections of the Media and the Obama Administration.  

Mika Brzezinski from MSNBC's Morning Joe was born in the Inner Circle.  Her father is Zbigniew Brzezinski who was National Security Advisor under Jimmy Carter.

In Washington, wives don't take their husband's last names.  It is easier to hide the connections from the general public.  Hillary Clinton bribed Andrew McCabe (#2 in FBI
) so that he would not pursue an investigation into her use of a private server for State Department emails, or the contents found on Anthony Weiner's laptop.  She bribed McCabe by donating $700,000 to his wife Jill McCabe's Senate campaign.  

Peter Strzok (FBI) was bribed by his wife's (Melissa Hodgeman) promotion in the SEC.  She was promoted October 14, 2016 right when the NYPD was trying to force the FBI to investigate what they found on the Weiner laptop.

Rod Rosenstein's wife is US Attorney Lisa Barsoomian who likely works for the CIA.  She has represented the Clinton for decades, and Obama, and Mueller, Comey, Sebelius....  See a pattern?

Q tells us to follow the husbands, specifically Susan Rice's husband.  Rice is tied to the CIA, Fed, and Mainstream Media.

Click on ANSWERS and scroll down to learn about Rice and company.

California is controlled by four families who enrich each other by providing money for business contracts and political offices.  You need to read the article linked below to understand the connections.  In Pursuit of Truth noted that Nancy Pelosi's maiden name is D’Alesandro.  The D'Alesandro family is connected to the mob.

When you think of Facebook, Google, and You Tube, you assume they are three separate competing businesses, right?  No!  They keep it all in the family.  Here are a few connections. 

Sergey Brin was the founder of Google.  He was married to Anne Wojcicki founder of 23 And Me.  He is also the brother in law to Susan Wojcicki who is the CEO of You Tube.  These social media companies make money by gathering and selling information about their customers. 

The implications of 23 and Me gathering DNA data is chilling!  The same DNA that you submit to learn about your Ancestry is the same data doctors use to see if you're a genetic match for organ donations.  Nothing to see here!


Social media has become the way many American's get their news and information.  These families control the platforms.  Our media is controlled everywhere.

Q asks Anons to look into Chelsea Clinton's husband, Mark Mezvinsky.

Here is the Wikipedia link.

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