Space Program                              

Part of the plan to weaken America was to kill NASA and prevent our space domination.  This would allow bad actors to take down our military satellites and secure communications systems, and prevent the US from installing weapons in space.  Our risk of an EMP attack increased greatly!


Why would Obama halt the shuttle program?   To save the US taxpayers money?  No!  It was to transfer American technology (assets) to private companies which could then sell the technology to our enemies.



$ 4.9 billion dollars is the amount that the government gave Elon Musk's (3) companies: Tesla, SpaceX & SolarCity Elon, in subsidies.  Elon Musk's growing empire is fueled by $4.9 billion in government subsidies



Q tells us that SpaceX provided North Korea nuclear missile technology as way to hold POTUS hostage.  Hillary Clinton also sold our military Special Access Programs (SAP) to our enemies through her unsecured server.

Q tells us that POTUS is bringing back our space program because it is critical to our national security.

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