Back in November 2017, Q wanted Anons to look into Facebook.  He suggested it was a spying tool.  It was not created organically as a business idea, but had a more sinister purpose.  

He told us to focus on Zuckerberg's wife.  


March 28, 2019.  As news was breaking that the Obama Department of Justice abused the FISA system to "legally" spy on Trump and others, Q tells us that they were also spying through social media apps.  

Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Twitter were actively tracking and listening to Trump and all citizens.  They share data they collect and sell it to Deep State actors and intelligence agencies across the globe.  This allows intelligence agencies to bypass their laws and spy on their citizens.  

Besides tracking citizens, Twitter and Facebook control what people see.  They censor speech by shadow banning and using algorithms.  Shadow banning is a sneaky way to censor speech.  It is the act of blocking or partially blocking a user or their content from an online community such that it will not be readily apparent to the user that they have been banned.  When they do not receive any feedback to their posts, the user may assume no one is interested or shares their ideas and concerns.  Censored groups cannot share and disseminate information.

Q asks if Twitter, Facebook, etc. be stopped from spying on its users?  How?  By regulation, or by shining the light brightly on their activities?  Q ends Post 972 by asking Anons to research why Obama was traveling the globe conducting high-level meetings?  Perhaps Obama was warning other intelligence agencies that their cover was blown, or plotting a way to protect themselves from prosecution.

April 11, 2018 an Anon makes the connection that the Pentagon cancelled the Lifelog Project the same day that Facebook formed.  Q was impressed.  We will learn later that Lifelog was created by DARPA which stands for Defense Advance Research Project Agency.  

In Post 1337, Q tells us that Facebook is actively listening to all users 24/7/365 and recording the data as metadata.  The metadata collection is stored in Building 8, California, and in China.

In Post 1138, Q ties Facebook to sex trafficking.  Honeypots such as Ray Chandler use Facebook and Twitter to attract individuals for sex.  Facebook and Twitter actively watch, listen, and store information.  Now the target can be blackmailed.


Zuckerberg was brought before Congress to testify about privacy issues with Facebook.  Q noted that insiders who know that Facebook has been illegally spying are selling their shares.  Q states that some platforms will collapse under the weight of their illegal activities.

Senior executives leave Facebook to avoid the upcoming fallout, and to set up shop elsewhere.

A year and a half later from Q's initial Facebook data drops, Q starts laying out the accusations against Facebook.  He begins by clearly explaining FB's origin.  Facebook was not created by Mark Zuckerberg.  It was created by DARPA with the intention of tracking and cataloguing every detail of each person's life throughout their entire life. 

Quantum computing has made this possible.  Once they know everything about you, they can do predictive analytics to determine what you might do in a certain scenario.  The more information that is gathered, the more accurate the prediction will be.

When 'Lifelog' was canceled by the Pentagon, the DARPA employees transferred to Facebook and continued their work.

Lifelog (DARPA) ends, and Facebook begins.  The Lifelog (DARPA) team is transferred to Facebook.  Three divisions are public.  Six are not public.  When Q exposed Building 8, Facebook scrambled to 'shutdown' the program and restructure.

Facebook moved Building 8 activities to China.    

The CIA uses the spying platforms offered by Big Tech to operate within the United States, which is against the law.  The CIA is only allowed to gather and analyze intelligence on foreign countries.  It is not allowed to spy domestically.  The NSA is chartered to operate within the United States.  (This is why the CIA sent Edward Snowden to cripple the NSA's intelligence gathering abilities.)

The CIA uses the Amazon cloud server to route the data they collect via Social Media platforms.  George Bush, Sr. reorganized the CIA.  (The Deep State consists of Republicans and Democrats who use the facade of parties to divide us.)

John Brennen, who was the CIA Director under Obama, authorized spying on US Senators.  He also installed 'ex' CIA operatives into campaigns to be elected as members of Congress.  He was never prosecuted.  This is 1 of 9 upcoming drops about the CIA's infiltration of our entire system.

In Post 2989, Q asks us to think logically.  He wants us to understand how we were purposely deceived into giving the CIA all of our personal information.  No one would join an information sharing platform knowing it was controlled by the CIA.

The masses were intentionally lured into using Facebook.  First, they marketed FB as only for cool Ivy League college kids, then they used Hollywood stars to increase its appeal.  Competitors were systematically attacked (My Space) or purchased (Instagram).  American taxpayers funded this and gave it to Mark Zuckerberg.

In post 2991, Q asks Anons to research the family tree of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan.  He tells us that China will not allow Facebook because they know that it is an individual collection asset program covertly operated by the CIA.

Post 2992 tells us that major steps are being undertaken to stop the spying.  https://qz.com/1145669/googles-true-origin-partly-lies-in-cia-and-nsa-research-grants-for-mass-surveillance/

Q wants everyone to understand how the CIA sent in Snowden to set up and take down the NSA.  If Snowden was so concerned about privacy/citizen awareness, why did he not expose the CIA, DARPA and IQT?  He knew about those covert spying programs.

Q also wants us to understand why Snowden went to Russia.  This is another red herring to set up Russia as the enemy to the United States.  Russia is not our enemy.  It is China.  

If you click on the blue hyperlink on any live Q post it will take you directly to the 8 Chan board.  In this 5552746 hyperlink, an Anon posts that Mark Zuckerberg is outlining a new 'privacy focused vision.'  Q states that Zuckerberg is trying to get ahead of the story.

In Post 2996 Q provides additional information for Anons.  Phone companies are also involved.  Which if you think about it, they would have to know.  All the data must be transferred over their systems.  The CIA must have one heck of a data plan.

More to be revealed soon by Q.


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