Another Mark Taylor Prophesy Comes to Pass!

Greg Hunter features guest Mark Taylor for his February 10, 2019 Sunday release.  In his State of the Union Address, President Trump declared that America is energy independent!  Another Mark Taylor prophesy has come to pass!  He reiterates that Trump will be appointing three more Supreme Court Justices.  

El Chapo is naming names.  He has been bribing politicians in both Mexico and the United States to bring drugs across our border.  Could this be the reason for the Democratic opposition to the wall?

Taylor encourages patriots to focus on the mission.  God is trying to rescue the spiritually oppressed people.  This is not just about America.  
America holds the keys to releasing the globalists grip on the world.  Mark Taylor makes another prediction, "This is not the only Trump that is going to be in the White House.  I think there is another Trump coming.”  This is not the last Trump! 

Enjoy the video!

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