Diane Feinstein                              

Q suggests that Diane Feinstein has sold us out to the Chinese.  She is on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Foreign Relations Committee, and Judicial Committee.  She holds top secret clearance.  Government work has been lucrative.  She is reported to be worth over $ 99 million dollars.

Her husband is Richard Blum who has become a billionaire in their 39 years of marriage.  He owns private equity firms that invest in companies like Shanghai Pacific, which helps clients outsource manufacturing services to China, and Golden China which makes computer accessories.  He has invested in a Chinese steel company and has owned companies that were awarded US military defense contracts.  He is a philanthropist.  He launched the American Himalayan Foundation that operates dozens of schools, orphanages, and aid programs in Nepal.

 Diane Feinstein is known for hiring a Chinese spy as a driver.  She continued to employ him for 5 years after the FBI warned her.  She finally dismissed him into retirement.  He was never charged.


Q suggests that her driver was the 'bridge' between her and China.  Q has been tracking her movements.  He links her to the use of Chinese computer components that have been used in our Military aircraft and vessels.  Our supply chain has been compromised.  The crashes of our Navy vessels and military aircraft are likely due to computer components that can be hacked by our enemies.




 It is not just foreign enemies that hack into our military's control systems.  Domestic enemies also known as the Deep State [DS] are at war with the Trump Administration.  Rogue CIA agents [clowns] are the primary bad actors in the USA.  The Deep State has been causing military plane crashes to retaliate against Trump.  

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