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Q tells us that North Korea has been used by the Deep State as a way to control the United States and other countries.  They use the threat of nuclear attack to exhort money from the US and enact policies that they want.  It is a site for CIA black operations that include human and organ trafficking.  

In one of his first posts, Q tells us that North Korea is not controlled by Kim Jong-Un.  He is a puppet.

Later Q leads us to understand that it is the CIA (clowns) that actually control North Korea and Iran.  That is why they have been able to develop nuclear capabilities.  Wealthy families use North Korea as leverage to influence the world.

The Deep State set up private communication networks in North Korea.  Eric Schmidt who was the head of Google personally set up the CIA black site communication operation.


Below is a picture of Eric Schmidt (red scarf) and former New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson (border state governor) in North Korea. 

Nancy Pelosi also had her hand in the till.  

The sudden resignation of Eric Schmidt from Google on 12/22/17 was an indicator that the White Hats had taken control of the black-op communication network in North Korea.  Q often tells us "Future proves past."  The following succession of Q posts reveals that President Trump met secretly with Kim Jong-Un long before their public summit.

On November 14, 2017 President Trump tweeted "Thank You Asia" with a picture taken from Air Force One over Asia.  Q teased us by asking, "What's below?"

Q confirmed the picture was taken over North Korea when 
he reposted an Anon's post asking if it was North Korea.

On March 8, Q posted the same tweet, but added, "Thank you Kim.  Deal Made. Clowns Out."  The CIA was also holding North Korea hostage by controlling their money supply.  

Q tells us that POTUS met with Kim secretly in the Forbidden City in South Korea.

An Anon understood what Q was suggesting.  The Anon copied President Trump's tweet onto the 8 Chan board and said "I swear Trump is killing me here. HAHA. He keeps putting out clues that he has already talked to Kim."  Q confirmed by reposting the Anon's post. Q said, "You are learning...Wait until you learn who is talking to you here."

In May, Q began to drop the location of the North Korean Summit.  This would be another Q Proof.  Anons knew in advance before any of the mockingbird media knew where the summit would be held.  Q told us it would be a "Sky Event."

Q posted this picture.

Anons began digging and asked Q if it was the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

The night before the Summit, Kim Jong-Un toured the Marina Bay Sands hotel in Singapore.  Pictures show him relaxed and enjoying himself.  He did not look like he was stressed to meet with the President of the United States.  This was because the deal was completed.  The summit was just for show.  

Here are more pictures from the Marina Bay Sands hotel.  The pool is located next to the edge of the building and looks over Singapore - very high, sky high!

Q also shared with us that Obama tried to prevent POTUS from talking to Kim.  He was not successful because the North Korean generals who were controlling Kim had been removed.  


Thomas Wictor did a great thread explaining how this occurred, Trump and Kim Jong-un Pulled a Fast One.

Below is Q Post that demonstrates the Deep State/MSM opposition to the Trump Administration brokering peace with North Korea.  

The Deep State actually launched a missile toward AF1 while Trump was traveling from Canada to the North Korean Summit.  

For more information about the Missile launch please watch the June 14, 2018 Q Update, Were Missiles Fired at POTUS?

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