Child Trafficking                              

Stopping child trafficking is one of the greatest missions of the Q team.  They have been systematically closing ports of access to children.  The next Q post lists all of the locations from which children were trafficked that are now closed.  Q states that Saudi Arabia (SA) was the first priority.

Here are active links to the articles Q referenced above:  Link 1, Link 2, Link 3Epstein Island was closed to child trafficking.

The Q team also stopped the protected flow of children trafficked into the state of Arizona.  Q hints that it was John McCain who provided the political protection.

Q is very specific in what children trafficked from poor nations are facing.

Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation are heavily involved in child trafficking.  The mockingbird media ignored a crucial finding in the Inspector General Report that linked the Clinton Foundation to "Crimes Against Children."  Q states the CF children drop in the IG report is important.  It officially marks the beginning of the investigation.

When Anthony Weiner (Huma Abedin's husband) was arrested for sexting a 15-year old, the NYPD confiscated his laptop.  In a folder labeled "insurance policy," police found classified information that came from Hillary Clinton.  But the most horrendous find was videos and pictures of children being abused.  The NYPD notified the FBI under Comey and McCabe who did NOTHING!  

When Comey was questioned by the IG as to why he did nothing, he claimed he couldn't remember.  


The Clintons are also tied to child trafficking out of Haiti under cover of "Humanitarian Aid."  The humanitarian workers are the greatest abusers reports the 'Madam.'

Click here to watch the video Q linked about 'missionaries kidnapping children.'  This is the link to the article Q referenced.

Q hints that the Red Cross is used to smuggle children out of poor countries.  The Red Cross has access to many poor countries for "humanitarian aid."  

This Q post refers to children smuggled from Haiti.

The next Q post refers to children smuggled from North Korea.  North Korea was selling its children.

An Anon asked Q "Where are the children.?"  Q states that over 3,000 were saved by the raids in Saudi Arabia.  Access ports are being shut down in Haiti and all over the world.

Here is another red pill related to Q's posts, but not from Q.  Corrupt Chinese are selling capsules of powdered infant corpses. They are cannibalizing babies.

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