Big Pharma                              

Why would politicians allow pharmaceutical companies to charge Americans significantly higher prices for drugs than the rest of the world?  Bribes?  Why have there been no cures since the polio vaccine even though billions have been spent on research?  Why is the FDA such a bully to holistic doctors and those that provide vitamin supplements?

I have asked those questions long before Q Anon.  Haven't you wondered?  On February 7, 2018 Q dropped these crumbs to send Anons searching.  

Q asked us, "When does big pharma make money?"  Big pharma does not make money curing disease.  It makes money by treating the symptoms and managing the disease.

Q asks us, "What if cures already exist?"  By asking this question, Q is telling us that cures do exist.  All the money sent to research cures is diverted for other purposes.

Q asks Anons to research how many top medical researchers have been found dead.  Big pharmaceutical companies control the FDA.  The FDA heavily regulates holistic doctors and treatments.  Big Pharma crushes those looking for and finding cures. 

Q asks why the US taxpayer subsidizes the rest of the world.  Our politicians allow the pharmaceutical companies to charge us high prices because the pharmaceutical companies donate big money to their campaigns and projects.  

In Post 735, an Anon asks, "Q how long will we have to wait for cures?"  Q answers that those who control Big Pharma are trying to decide how to handle their exposure by Q.  Should they release the cures in attempt to cover up the fact they have been withholding cures, or wait until the public finds out?    

A few days after Q posts the above drops an article comes out in the Wall Street Journal reporting there is an experimental drug that will kill the flu virus in one day.

Q states that the Deep State and Big Pharma retaliated against President Trump for Q's drops.

Vanessa Trump received a white powdery substance in the mail.

The Q team responded by sending a letter with nonhazardous white powder to Obama's offices. 

After years of touting that bacteria was becoming resistant to antibiotics and there were no new antibiotics, this articles appears.   Q says, "What a coincidence."

Q states that diseases such as AIDS were purposely developed and introduced into the population as a way of population control, and to make pharmaceutical companies billions of dollars. 

The following two Q posts want us to question why Big Pharma donates so much more money to California and New York senators, congressmen, and state politicians.  These states have completely stacked their courts with leftist judges and will be protected against lawsuits.


The Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) received significant price discounts when it distributed drugs aboard.  Yet, they allowed pharmaceutical companies to charge Americans high prices.  Some American's cannot afford to buy the drugs they need, which keeps them sick.  It also is a way of keeping everyday Americans poor.

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