Information Waterfall

It is February 17, 2019.  Q promised us an information waterfall and he has delivered!  Q reminds us that Anons knew in August that Loretta Lynch brought in Russian Natalia Veselnitskaya to set up Donald Trump Jr. long before the those watching the MSM knew.  Q keeps bringing up the Scaramucci model.  He hints we may learn more next week.

Q tells Trump supporters who have been wringing their hands about the newly signed budget, not to worry - POTUS has this!  He quotes scripture and declares, "The Lord is leading us all."   Q posts a map showing the states that went for HRC are the same states that encourage illegal voting by allowing illegals driver's licenses.  Obtaining a driver's license automatically registers them to vote.  He also ties the Jussie Smollett case to a Democratic bill which will make lynching a federal crime.  It was a false flag operation designed to promote Corey Booker and his bill.

Enjoy the video!

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Lisa Page and James Baker testified that Rod Rosenstein surveyed cabinet members for a willingness to invoke the 25th Amendment clause to oust President Trump.  They tagged Jeff Sessions and General Kelly as willing to vote against President Trump.  I do not believe these two men would betray POTUS.  I think it was a disinformation smear designed to build distrust within the ranks.

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