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Our media is no longer independent.  It was corrupted long ago.  President Kennedy warned us back in the sixties.  The CIA admitted before Congress that it was planting stories in newspapers and on television.  Operation Mockingbird has greatly expanded since the sixties.  The CIA no longer just plants stories, they now control the entire narrative.  News of corruption is suppressed and stories that divide us are pushed daily.  They use the Mainstream Media (MSM) to take out political enemies.  The Russian Collusion narrative is a prime example.

Q asked Anons to research Operation Mockingbird from his earliest posts.  Anderson Cooper is a primary example of Operation Mockingbird in action.  Cooper is from a generational family, who worked for the CIA and is still working for the CIA at CNN.

Q tells us the daily barrage of Democrats projecting racism is part of Operation Mockingbird with the purpose of keeping the black population isolated.

President Trump uses Twitter to get around the Mainstream Media and get his message directly to the people.


If a network's programming is over 90 percent negative about President Trump, it is not fair or truthful.  It is propaganda.

 The CIA controlled MSM is very threatened by Q Anon.  They write disparaging articles about Q Anon and followers on a daily basis.  Twitter unfairly bans conservative voices.  You Tube has demonetized Q Anon videos.  

The Washington Post leads the attack against Q Anon.  The Washington Post is owned by Jeff Bezos who owns Amazon and is connected to the CIA.

Q tells us that the Media gets it's talking points at 4 AM via private email addresses.  

Here are some of the paid contractors of Hillary Clinton as revealed in the Wikileaks emails.  Q tells us that the Podesta Group was the Bridge (connection) between Clinton and the Media.  Notice how every network is compromised.  

Even prominent alternative media outfits have been compromised.  Info-Wars is a prime example.  When Q was first gaining momentum, Alex Jones tried to discredit Q.  He said he had his own Q Anon.  He claimed to have insider contacts who knew Q.  Jerome Corsi worked for Alex Jones and was a Q decoder.  He set up a pay channel where you could get insider information.  Q stopped this in May 2017 by warning all "Be careful who you follow" without naming any names.  Q has said multiple times, "No outside communication!"  Q will only communicate publicly for all to see on the 8 Chan Boards.  Corsi and Jack Posobiec are InfoWars employees who attack Q.


In this next post, Q hints that InfoWars may be funded by a foreign intelligence agency.  Jerome Corsi has known Mossad connections.  Anons suspect Q is referring to Mossad, but that has not been confirmed.

Alex Jones was removed from You Tube.  He advanced the narrative by stating his website was hacked, but he was able to publish a re-direct to another channel.

Alex Jones often screams and yells.  He interrupts his guests when they are about to make an important point by talking over them and changing the subject.  An Anon expresses frustration.  Q tells us to move on.

Post 2683 reveals how the Fake News is attempting to control the narrative by not providing coverage of protests in the EU.

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